Bajan-Style Hot Sauce

Throughout the Caribbean Islands, nearly every restaurant, from the sketchiest diner to the grandest resort, has a bottle of hot sauce on the table. It’s as common as a salt & pepper shaker. The style of sauce most loved from Jamaica to Barbados is a yellow-orange colored delicacy that goes by names like “Country Boy” and “Delish”. It is a unique blend that starts with a tangy mustard base, and the intense heat of the habanero pepper – called a “Scotch Bonnet” or “Bonnie Pepper” in the Caribbean – and layers flavors of the islands. The smokey cumin, the bright citrus, the sweet fruits are all represented in this beloved condiment.

After MrDoggity’s eldest girl child studied at the University of West Indies, and brought back some of that wonderfully complex flavor, he had to try to make his own sauce in that style. Those who have tasted it agree – MrDoggity has captured the essence of the islands in this handsome bottle.

Try it on everything from fish to eggs. You’ll be hooked!

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