If you are a true believer in Mr.Doggity Products, we welcome your support.

We have two different ways you can support Mr.Doggity as a fan or as an investor.

For those who want to pitch in to the “fan fund” to help Mr. Doggity place products in more retail locations, we have some great premiums for your help.

Here are the cool things you can get for your contributions at the following levels:

$20 – an autographed bottle of the Mr. Doggity sauce of your choice.

$40 – an autographed bottle PLUS a Mr. Doggity logo bbq apron

$60 – an autographed bottle PLUS a Mr. Doggity logo bbq apron PLUS a Mr. Doggity logo t-shirt

$80 – a Mr. Doggity logo bbq apron AND t-shirt PLUS an autographed set of all Mr. Doggity sauces AND a special-edition sauce!

Pick Your Level


If you are interested in owning stock in Mr. Doggity, please click HERE, to contact us. Please put the word “Invest” in the subject line. We will send you the information. Shares are $100 each, and are limited in number, and by law, we are limited to the first 70 investors.