Chase The Dogg:
From the heartland of America, Kansas City, where they take grilling and barbecue -- but not necessarily themselves -- very seriously. This is  where Mr. Doggity makes his home.
Long time griller, barbeconnoisseur and "food craftsman," Mr. Doggity is a certified bbq judge.  He's tasted and critiqued the best barbecue the world has to offer.
Mr. Doggity's traveled all 50 states, tasting, comparing, studying, tasting some more and living some amazing barbecue.  He's taken all his experience, all the flavors of the fifty states, and created some amazing culinary excitement.
Until now, his spectacular sauces and condiments have only been reserved for family and close friends.  Finally, you're able to join them.
Check back often.  Don't get frustrated.  We're going as fast as we can to get ALL of Mr. Doggity's deliciousness to you.  If you're interested in carrying Mr. Doggity's products in your establishment, drop him a line.  
And thanks for your interest in Mr. Doggity's.
We are still a work in process...