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  • We just got our shipment, and we are already addicted!

    — Lynn Scherzinger, Salem, OR

  • There is nothing like Mr. Doggity's sauces to be had anywhere on the East Coast.

    — Don Gemma, Springfield, MA

  • AWESOME! I'm very picky about BBQ sauce, and this is the best I've ever tasted.

    — Brady Michael Boyd, Kansas City, MO

  • Your pantry isn't complete without some of Mr. Doggity's sauce.

    — Kristene King Thrall, Kansas City, MO

  • The Bajan-Style Hot Sauce is to die for. The only problem is that it doesn't come in a gallon jug.

    — Cherie Schenker, Owner of Schenker Family Farms, McCune, KS

  • The products are killer! I love burning stuff on the grill with Mr Doggity’s sauces.

    — Craig Adcock, Owner of Belly-Up BBQ and Jude’s Rum Cakes, Lenexa, KS

  • Most bbq sauces are two notes, at most. Mr. Doggity's is complex and balanced like a fine dipping sauce.

    — Craig Jones, Food Network’s “Grill Mayor of the US”, Lee’s Summit, MO

  • Everything Mr. Doggity makes is addictive.

    — Brandi Hart, Bristol, VA

  • The Bajan-Style Hot Sauce is like a party in my mouth.

    — Julie Yoshikawa McIntyre, Food blogger, Sonoma, CA

  • The best new bbq sauce I've tasted in 25 years!

    — Chef Jasper Mirabile, Owner & Executive Chef of Jasper’s Restaurant, KCMO



New “Bullet” Poly Bottles! More Sauce, Less Breakage

These new poly bottles are bigger (so you get more sauce! Yay!), and they are less expensive to ship, and have less damage in shipment. And they look Oh, so fine! Pick some up today!


The “GHOST of Christmas” Hot Sauce

For the Holidays, we are offering a limited release of The GHOST of Christmas™ hot sauce. A completely NEW ghost sauce recipe. Unlike anything before it. We start with home-grown organic bhut jalokia (pronounced: boot jah-lo-KEY-uh) chili peppers. Also known as “ghost”peppers, these little napalm bombs originated in India. The sanskrit translation of the name means, “king cobra”.  Although […]


Mr Doggity Radio Spot

Learn more about Mr Doggity’s Sauces by clicking the link: MrDoggity_Radio_Spot

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  • HotSauce Feature

    “Hot Doggity” BBQ Sauce

    From the beginning, many of our customers loved MrDoggity’s BBQ Sauce, but wanted something with more heat. So we went to work to create a sauce that keeps everything you love about the original, but adds something to make your taste buds dance! Some like it hot, and if that’s you – you’ll LOVE “Hot […]

  • Baja Product Feature

    Bajan-Style Hot Sauce

    Throughout the Caribbean Islands, nearly every restaurant, from the sketchiest diner to the grandest resort, has a bottle of hot sauce on the table. It’s as common as a salt & pepper shaker. The style of sauce most loved from Jamaica to Barbados is a yellow-orange colored delicacy that goes by names like “Country Boy” […]

  • Product Feature

    Original BBQ Sauce

    In Kansas City, the heart of America’s Heartland, they take grilling and barbecue (if not themselves) very seriously. This is home to long-time griller, “food craftsman” and barbeconnoisseur, Mr. Doggity.  A certified BBQ judge, Mr. Doggity has tasted and critiqued the best in the world.  He’s traveled all 50 states to sample, study, compare, sample […]